27 Oct

Enjoy the Tour Delights in Santiniketan

Santiniketan is a beautiful city in the district of Birbhum in the state of West Bengal in India. It is a lovely historic destination and forms a great urban set up. The town has the great University Visva Bharati, which was founded by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in the year 1921. In the year 1951, it was recognized as a University.

One usually reaches Shantiniketan by taking a train to Bolpur, which is the nearest station to this lovely place. Tourists enjoy taking the rides on the cycle rickshaws, which are an easy means of transport. Also just taking a stroll around the entire region and exploring the areas provides you with a sense of delight and enthusiasm.

The Tagore’s Ashram is an attraction where tourists love to go around enjoying the simple pleasures of the constructions and the other structures. It was Rabindranath Tagore’s father Maharshi Devendranath Tagore who built a guest house and named it Santiniketan. This is a beautiful area filled with visual delights with the banyan tree as the major attraction.

Visit the Chhatimtala, which is a calm prayer place.

The Brahma Mandir is another place of meditation. The frescoes, sculptures and the lovely constructions here make up the major tour delights.

The Uttarayan complex is another fascinating complex with many buildings that are linked to the memory of Tagore’s childhood. You also have the Rabindra Bhaban Museum, which is also known by the name of Bichitra. It has been built in the year 1961. It has letters, manuscripts, documents, plaques, medals, photographs, paintings and is famous for Poush Mela. With handicrafts like cloth, batiks, dokra and other articles famous here, Santiniketan is a lovely place to visit.

16 Oct

5 tips while buying a home in India

It is a desire of every individual to own his dream residential house in jaipur or any other city, but buying home is not all that easy task as it looks like. Since it involves bulk of your hard earned money, you should be very careful while buying the new property. There are few points to be taken care at the time of buying new home such as one has to be sure about the legality of the property whether it is approved by the local authorities or not and check all related documents of the property to avoid legal hassles at the later stage. It is essential to be alert right from beginning to the final stage of buying the home. There are following few important points to be kept in mind while buying the property.

1. Title Deed

Must check the title deeds, this will let you know whether the property is on the name of seller or not. While doing so always ask for original documents, in most of the cases copy states of documents is shown which is not correct. The legal status of the land must be ascertained before making any payment in the form of token to the seller. It is equally important to know the kind of property whether it is commercial, residential or mixed. Check whether the land on which the property is built up is free or lease hold; the lease hold means you can use it for a certain period only. If required do measure the land to ascertain the correctness of area at times people get duped by the seller showing exaggerated measurements.

2. Tax Receipts and Bills

There are property taxes levied by the government make sure that receipts of such property taxes are available with the seller and all dues are paid till the time of selling the property. In some of the cases these receipts may not be available with the seller in such cases buyer can approach the concerned office with the survey number of the property and verify the real owner of the property and check if all due taxes are paid or not. You must make sure that all due electricity and water bills are paid till the time of selling the property.

3. Pledged property

In some of the cases people do take loan from the banks or financial institutes by pledging the property. Make sure that all dues are paid by the seller and are in possession of no due certificate from the concerned financial institute before making any deal with the seller.

Read this to know about Indian Real Estate – www.cnbc.com

4. Encumbrance Certificate

Before buying the property ask for encumbrance certificate which will ensure that property is not mortgaged and if so see that all dues are cleared by the seller before making final deed.

5. Taking advice of the experts

For most of us buying house is one time investment of your hard money and if few bucks are spent to take the advice of experts like real state people to make sure that property is hassle free without any legal issues. Take help of engineers to make sure that the construction part of it is to the satisfaction of basic requirements. Last but not the least if you believe in Vastu take advice of such experts to make sure that you really land in your dream house and stay peacefully.

22 Sep

best hotels in south Delhi which are perfect for your pockets

South Delhi Image from Sky scrapper

There is no doubt that the capital of India is a hot destination for travellers (Business and leisure) and they need hotels. Well if you as a hotel owner in Delhi that why he or she opened a Hotel in Delhi than they will have these words in common. “Asian Games in 80’s and XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi”

But still as the population of Delhi is 2.2 million and this population has good amount of money so they love to spend a lovely night with their friends or love ones in Luxury if not budget hotels and there is no doubt that hotels in south Delhi is the most favourable ones which many locals and corporate travellers will love to refer.

So I thought that I should prepare a list of top 5 accommodation places which I would refer for South Delhi.

At no 1- Eros Hotel

Eros Hotel Delhi

Eros Hotel Delhi

This is not just a hotel but a building which caters middle class people visiting Nehru Place market for computer parts. The room rate isn’t too high here and I am sure that if you contact them a bit early then they can offer a good room deal.

At no 2- GTC Hotel and Lounge

GTC Hotel and Lounge Delhi

GTC Hotel and Lounge Delhi

GTC Hotel and Lounge is a nice 3 star low budget hotels at south Delhi which is a popular destination for greater kailash locals and many corporate travellers. The location of this hotel is amazing as it is on G.K 2 main road and the hotel staff offer some amazing deals like free movie tickets (as this hotel is close to Savitri Cinema) or a free mocktail at check in. Plus their room rates are really affordable (Its like 2000 though they said 2500 on call but I got a discount as I blog :D). Beside this hotels is perfect for travellers looking for hotels near new Delhi railway station for 2000 as the GTC staff offer free cab service from Delhi railway station.

Apart from Hotels one can also try Service Apartments or home turned hotels in southern part of the city. Though I would suggest that if you are either travelling alone or carrying good amount of cash that prefer hotels. As they are safer and have tight security and this facility isn’t always available on Apartments.

For really cheaper options try PG. South Delhi is full of them. As per GTC Hotel they have a PG service near by and but its only for girls. But that place is safe as they have mails and guards 24/7. For more information about Delhi and some tourist destinations I will suggest that you read Tripadvisor and Lonely planner sites as information there isn’t doctored as compare to local tour guides book available in the market and if you are coming from an anther nation that do contact Delhi Tourism site for more information on their site- www.delhitourism.gov.in

Some useful details for travellers:

  • Delhi Airport website is www.newdelhiairport.in and the best way to book flights for Delhi from from Makemytrip, Yatra and Via.com
  • Delhi has many railway stations but New Delhi railway station is the biggest and Anand Vihar Railway station is the newest. For more information do visit www.irctc.co.in/
  • Bus Service in Delhi is bit not luxurious but if you are in a group and want to explore the city is a A.C bus that contact Mann Travels at www.manntours.com
27 Oct

The Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka is a must visit

Located around five kilometres to the southern of the city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh in India, lies a lovely historical site filled with natural memories. This land called Bhimbetka is a beautiful creation of rocks on small hills. Anyone who first sees the rock shelters of Bhimbetka would be spellbound and rightly so as the entire scene really astounds you. There is a railway crossing here which is always closed and is opened only when there are lot of vehicles near the crossing point. This is one point that is a photographer’s delight, as the entire stretch of land seems to wait for him.

The rock shelters at Bhimbetka are a very ancient formation and go back to around 10,000 years ago. The rocks here are said to be from that time when the areas was a huge ocean and the rocks got this form after incessantly hitting against the sea waves. Bhimbetka is a place where you would find around 750 rock shelters and these have been discovered from the jungles. There are at least 400 painting here and only around 20 caves are open for the tourists. The caves have beautiful paintings dating back to many historical periods. With the majority of them being painted in white and red, there are some in yellow and green too. There is certain richness about the red colour and alongwith the yellow and the green are to be bought. The caves have paintings showing about a period of the past. Paintings here had to re done –and these revealed that there are people who want to see a decorated rock structure.

With predominant style as Warli, there is a lot of Madhubani painting too. With geometrical drawings to depict figures, there is a non geometrical figure that could be meditating either Indian sage or Lord Shiva. Some paintings are very fresh and it is impossible to believe that these are old paintings belonging to a special time.

The paintings have many animals, then of course humans and sometimes small trees. Flowers and rocks are also major features here. War scenes and sights of soldiers on horses are also shown here. The king is easily recognizable as he has a decorated horse. Sometimes artists show a king having an umbrella on top. There are scenes that show a lot of community loving and have people dancing, singing and laughing. This place was chosen by all the artists as the water here could not go anywhere and so the paintings would survive. There is another feeling that paintings were there everywhere but due to the floods and the due to water coming in, these were destroyed. Those, which were not touched, remained intact.

The rock shelters are not the only ones in Bhimbetka. Besides this you also have a potential auditorium like structure. This is the place where the community gatherings were perhaps held in ancient times. There is a rock like structure in the centre. Tis could be the throne. It is believed that maybe the throne was used by a headman or a king.

Thee is a cave temple around 100 metres from the entry point of Bhimbetka. This is a cave temple that was maybe a practicing temple. It is said that this temple was the temple that was set on fired by the Pandavas during the time they wee in exile. IN fact, Bhimbetka means Bheema who used to sit.

The rock shelters at Bhimbetka were discovered by an Indian while most of the ancient Indian structures were found by British Officers. Bhimbetka was discovered by V. S. wakankar. Then the excavations were carried out and today you have the biggest art based cave in India. Before the caves were discovered, it was said to be a Buddhist hill with many stupas. The caves also show how the human life continued here from pre historical to medieval period.

Thus, the Rock shelter of Bhimbetka with its 700 rock shelters is a place that is necessary see in tours here. The paintings here belong to the Mesolithic period and here is a lot of resemblance between the people living in the villages nearby and those shown in the paintings.

The forests surrounding the Bhimbetka caves have actually helped in preserving the paintings. The paintings show hunting, honey collection, animal faiths, dancing, masks, and disguises, beautification of bodies, horse, and elephant riding. There are rhinoceros, tiger, bison, peacocks, antelopes, and elephants shown in the paintings

The paintings have been done with soft red stone, manganese, wooden charcoal, and hematite. Leaf extracts and animal fat have also been used. The rock shelters of Bhimbetka show a lot of chronology of the manner in which prehistoric man has evolved. The ceilings of the rock shelters and the walls all have the beautiful paintings, which form the mainstay of tours here.

With many more interesting experiences here, the travels to Bhimbetka would not be short of a small historical adventure.

13 Aug

A small post on Delhi- Image Style…

New Delhi is amazing. It has everything which can attract a foreigner to settle here and that is happening. Now why boys and gals from all over the globe are settling in New Delhi? Just check these reasons.

Reason no 1

Money, Money and Money. New Delhi is famous for Hospitality business which is giving rise to real estate industry and that is giving rise to anther one. So this chain of development has opened many office all around the city and in neighbouring cities of Jaipur, Noida etc. So everyone from the world is interested to be a part of this growing economy and thus they settle here. We also plan to do the same.

Reason no 2

Food and culture of the city is declining but its not dead. Many will say today that the culture and food quality of the city is declining but I believe that delhi is still number 1 place to dine and there are still many locals which treats you as their own child as our PG lady. Sucg love and affection is visible in her food and you can’t find it anywhere. So Delhi is still amazing.

Nameste India

Nameste India

There are still many reasons but I will end this post here. I will add some more points or if you are interested that you can add too..Till than Namaste.