13 Aug

A small post on Delhi- Image Style…

New Delhi is amazing. It has everything which can attract a foreigner to settle here and that is happening. Now why boys and gals from all over the globe are settling in New Delhi? Just check these reasons.

Reason no 1

Money, Money and Money. New Delhi is famous for Hospitality business which is giving rise to real estate industry and that is giving rise to anther one. So this chain of development has opened many office all around the city and in neighbouring cities of Jaipur, Noida etc. So everyone from the world is interested to be a part of this growing economy and thus they settle here. We also plan to do the same.

Reason no 2

Food and culture of the city is declining but its not dead. Many will say today that the culture and food quality of the city is declining but I believe that delhi is still number 1 place to dine and there are still many locals which treats you as their own child as our PG lady. Sucg love and affection is visible in her food and you can’t find it anywhere. So Delhi is still amazing.

Nameste India

Nameste India

There are still many reasons but I will end this post here. I will add some more points or if you are interested that you can add too..Till than Namaste.